Identifying Particles
Here you can review how the detector is built. You will learn how elementary particles can be identified and how you can recognize them with our program. In a concluding exercise you may test your newly acquired knowledge.

Time for active playing! Discover the signals elementary particles leave in the detector with the help of the interactive animation of ATLAS below. Choose a specific particle from the upper menu and follow its way through the detector. Keep in mind that a dotted line represents the path of a neutral particle, which is not seen by the detector until it showers in a calorimeter, if at all.

The program that we will use is introduced on the next page. It illustrates events of proton-proton collisions in cross-sectional view similar to the picture you see at the bottom of the page.

If you do not yet understand the structure of the ATLAS detector, you can find more information under the menu item ATLAS detector.

Antimuon Antiproton Electron Jets Muon Neutrino Neutron Photon Positron Proton